Prospects Casting Call

Are you single in New York? Tired of spending time swiping through Tinder with no results? Are you done with the bar and club scene and looking for a casual atmosphere to meet someone fun? Maybe you just want to go to a New York Mets game for free?   

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be a perfect PROSPECT.

PROSPECTS is a baseball themed dating show brought to you by SNY and Bowlmor. In each episode our female contestant and her friends - “The Manager” and her “Scouts” - will use social media to line up three “Prospects” to take on a date to a New York Mets game.

During the game, each “Prospect” will get time with our contestant. The amount of time is determined by our contestant’s “Manager” who will be listening in on the date with our host. If the date starts to drag, she’ll yank the “Prospect”, and bring in the next “Prospect” from the bullpen. It’s MTV’s classic dating show NEXT with a baseball twist.

Participants will be required for one day of filming between May 1st-6th or July 5th-10th. And get ready for some more followers! Your social media handle will appear on the screen during your episode.

Contestants will be paid $200.
Her friends and all the prospects will be rewarded with a chance to facilitate and find true love. Oh, and FREE FOOD AND BEER! 

We are looking for....

[CONTESTANTS] Female. 21-32 years old. Fun, smart, cool, warm, single and ready to meet some great guys at a Mets game!

[PROSPECTS] Male. 21-32 years old. Awesome single guys ready to meet a cool girl and hang at a Mets game. Beer, anyone?

[MANAGERS] Female. 21-32 years old. The badass BFF of the Contestant who will be on headset the entire time and help her friend move through the dates. She will shut it down if it’s not going well. 

[SCOUTS] Male and Female. 21-34 years old. Friends of contestants. They help weed out the dud Prospects. Think Queer Eye meets Friends? 

First & Last
example: single and looking!
example: I'm outgoing, smart, and sexy AF!
example: he/she was so controlling!