We like to think Block Party really began 18 years ago, when Mike and Max met at their neighborhood block party. They immediately started making videos together on a VHS camcorder that Max borrowed from his sister and never gave back. Our operation has grown a bit since then.

We know what it’s like to be new kid on the block. We know the benefits of it - the hunger, the creativity, the thrill. It’s in the fabric of everything that we do at Block Party. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, equal parts fever and fear. We can’t mail it in. And we would never want to. We love it too much. And we have too much to prove.

That’s the language we speak. The people who speak our language - the brands, the artists, the studios, the entertainers - those are the people whose stories we want to shape.



Mike Bucchino

Executive Producer, Founder


Max Cantor

Creative Director, Founder

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Alan Fox

Creative Director, Partner



Wilson Hester
Creative Producer, NYC

Bia Jurema
Creative Producer, LA

For Talent & Staffing needs, please contact rsvp@blockpartyfilms.com